The Impact of RTÉ, 1962-1972  back
Thirty-five years after the launch of Raidió Éireann, a new era in communications began when Ireland’s first television station, Telefís Éireann, began broadcasting. Initially, television was viewed with some reserve but as the years progressed it become a powerful force that influenced people’s perceptions of events and reflected the changing society in which they lived.
[ 2 Radio Clips, 8 TV Clips ]
1. Opening Night of TÉ: Address by President Eamon De Valera: 1961
[TV, 2'07"]
Telefís Éireann came on the air on New Year’s Eve in 1961 and the first person to appear on the screen was President de Valera...
2. Opening Night of TÉ: Address by Cardinal John D’Alton: 1961
[TV, 3'12"]
Cardinal John D’Alton addressed the nation on New Year’s Eve, 1961, the opening night of Telefís Éireann.
3. The Late Late Show: 1965
[TV, 1'02"]
The Late Late Show began broadcasting in 1962 and its informal style of entertainment was instantly popular ...
4. Brian Trevaskis on The Late Late Show: 1966
[TV, 6'24"]
Student Brian Trevaskis created a furore on the Late Late Show with his comments about the Catholic Church ...
5. Radharc in Africa: 1966
[TV, 4'18"]
The long-running religious affairs documentary series Radharc was made by an independent film production company ...
6. Civil Rights March in Derry: 1968
[TV, 1'44"]
In this black and white clip we see footage of a key moment of what became known as “The Troubles”...
7. Impact of American Programmes Broadcast on RTÉ: 1972
[Radio, 3'21"]
Broadcaster Brian Cleeve discusses the impact of US programmes broadcast on Irish televison ...
8. The Riordans: 1972
[TV, 2'48"]
For almost 15 years Irish viewers kept a regular appointment on Sunday evenings to watch the latest episode of RTÉ’s first rural soap opera ...
9. Gay Byrne Reflects on the Late Late Show: 1974
[Radio, 4'47"]
Gay Byrne talks frankly about the Late Late Show, how it has changed over the years and its relevance to Irish culture ...
10. Gay Byrne Talks About Working as a Broadcaster: 1984
[TV, 2'22"]
Gay Byrne outlines his view of himself as a broadcaster ...