Look at History through the RTÉ Archives is a collaborative pilot project between the NCTE and RTÉ in which clips from media preserved by the RTÉ Archives are presented for use in second-level education. The RTÉ Archives preserve a unique and valuable record of Irish life as seen and heard through the media of television and radio. There are 38 clips presented here. All of these clips specifically relate to Topic 6 of the Later Modern Ireland section of the Leaving Certificate History syllabus.

Government, Economy and Society in the Republic of Ireland, 1949-1989
The Impact of RTÉ, 1962-1972
Thirty-five years after the launch of Raidió Éireann, a new era in communications began when Ireland’s first television station, Telefís Éireann, began broadcasting. Initially, ...
[ 2 Radio Clips, 8 TV Clips ]
Changing Attitudes towards Irish Language and Culture
The role of the Irish language in Irish society underwent considerable change throughout the late 1960s and 1970s. Some people questioned its relevance while others staunchly ...
[ 11 TV Clips ]
Social Change: The Changing Status of Women
A woman’s place in Irish society was markedly different in the 1960s compared to today. But looking back now, it is clear that change was underway. Many women were questioning ...
[ 3 Radio Clips, 14 TV Clips ]